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Faith and Uncertainty in Cookbook Publishing

While walking the trade floor of the Paris Cookbook Festival I caught a glimpse of the quote above by super chef Paul Bocuse, “Without books there are no recipes, without skills there can be no fine cooking.” It made me stop and read it again. It’s even more sexy and profound, of course, in French…. Read more »

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BIG Catch on the Full Moon & 10 Wild Shrimp Recipes

Primal Urges We’re in the middle of summer and there is a full moon this weekend. For most folks that’s enough to generate a powerful urge for a barefoot stroll on the beach in the soft light of la belle lune. Perhaps a stolen kiss? A wishful glance? A passionate embrace? Ah, no sweet, dear… Read more »

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More Pork Chop Theory: Nathalie Dupree’s Shrimp & Grits

My first job cooking was on a TV cooking show hosted by Nathalie Dupree. I started with her as a scared, untrained, but hardworking, novice hungry for knowledge. She took me by the hand and showed how to cook. Nathalie took me out of my mother’s kitchen and showed me a world I did not… Read more »

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