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Twilight: End of Summer Garden

It’s that twilight time in the garden and at the farmer’s markets. The magic in-between time that gently divides the seasons. The summer darlings such as heirloom tomatoes, vibrant peppers, and the last stubby fingers of okra sit adjacent to mottled wild pears, aubergine-colored scuppernongs bursting with sweet juice, and tender, young winter squash. The… Read more »

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My Day in NYC on 9/11

This picture of my sister was taken in August, just a few weeks before the tragedy in 2001.┬áLast year when I wrote my original post, I hadn’t ever written a word about 9/11. I’ve been pretty somber this week, as many have been, on the 10th anniversary with all the additional press, new photos, and… Read more »

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Labor Day Appetizers and Summer’s Sweet End

I’ve spent the summer in New England. It’s been an eye-opener on many levels. First, I was told all about the corn. “Our corn is the best in the world,” she said. In my mind, I silently dismissed it. “Oh-okay,” I responded. The half acknowledgment that conveys the unspoken sentiment, “You really don’t know what… Read more »

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Sour Grapes and Sweet Maine Lobster Chowder

I had planned on writing today’s post about my visit last week to Maine. Last weekend I taught at Stonewall Kitchen. It’s an amazing facility and they do an absolutely great job. We stayed at the York Harbor Inn. We enjoyed walks on the beach, picnics, and just had a wonderful time. It was truly… Read more »

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