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Modern Thinking with Sauce on the Side

Chef Boy-ardee In the past week, much has been said about my appearance on Food Network’s Chopped and how I was the only woman, as either contestant or judge. I noticed, believe me.  Most of the side commentary hit the editing room floor, but there was not a lack of off-color jokes during the judging… Read more »

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SPOILER ALERT: Chopped, Nuts, & Ice Cream Fiascos

SPOILER ALERT!! Nuts. There’s the whole nuts thing to begin with… I know you’re glad those are pecans featured in the photo above and not the other! Ok, before I get started with all that – thanks for reading, thanks for watching, and thanks for your support. Since I announced that I would be appearing… Read more »

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BIG NEWS! I’m going to be on Chopped!

Chopped I’m excited to announce that I’m going to be a chef-testant on Food Network’s  cooking competition show Chopped!! The episode premiers on November 27 at 10 pm EST/9 pm CT.  I am sooo excited. It was a fantastic experience — and really, really hard! No kidding, it was one of the hardest things I’ve… Read more »

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