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My Feisty Sister, Green Beans, and The Best Birthday, Ever.

It’s my younger sister’s birthday this weekend and I am going home to see her and mama. Some of y’all may remember about mama moving and selling our family home last Christmas. It’s hard to imagine, but I’ve only been home one time since the holidays. I’ve had a block about it – I can… Read more »

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Mama Says It’s Okay: Root Vegetable Gratin

Last week I wrote about “messing around with greens” with a recipe for Meme’s loooonnnggg-cooked greens and the wisdom of not changing the sacrosant and inviolable Thanksgiving menu. This week? I’m feeling a little frisky. Actually, a lot. I’ve taught a lovely recipe for a Root Vegetable Gratin for my next book in class several… Read more »

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