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Recipes: Starters and Nibbles

Make This: Romesco Sauce

Starters and Nibbles Spring is here in much of the country and warmer weather means more time outdoors and generally, more socializing. Patio parties and do-dahs on the deck mean having starters and nibbles at the ready to serve friends and family. Nothing’s wrong with chips and salsa, but how about elevating the app game… Read more »

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Pimiento or Pimento Cheese?

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Pimiento or Pimento Cheese? Southerners are known to be fairly easy to rile up. (Extra high marks for South Carolinians and Texans, as history has proven.) We love a rousing debate. This can be something as serious as the Methodists and the Baptists debating sprinkling vs. submersion to increase the chances of entering the Holy… Read more »

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New Year’s Eve Appetizers: Blini with Caviar

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New Year’s Eve Appetizers There’s a seemingly nonstop flurry of activity between Thanksgiving and the end of the year. I also have a birthday squished between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  This means there is a whole lot of celebrating in a short period of time and by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around… Read more »

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Southern Recipes: Savory Eggplant Dip

Eggplant Dip It’s funny to me how eggplant isn’t often perceived as a Southern vegetable. Eggplant flourishes in the scorching heat of a Deep South summer. My grandparents grew row upon row of the stately bushes, heavily laden with the shiny black-purple orbs. The plants are absolutely majestic in the vegetable garden with their luscious,… Read more »

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