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Recipes: Poultry and Game Birds

Clean Eating: Turkey Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes!?

Plan for Success We all know how the holidays can be nearly impossible to eat light and healthy. Seriously, it’s so difficult when faced with tins upon tins of cookies, a profusion of rich, roast meats, and cheese-laden party buffets. It’s hard. I’ve wavered a bit with my points tracking and then I caught an awful… Read more »

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Chefs Move to Schools: Ruby’s Chicken Fingers

Almost 2 years ago I was one of over 800 chefs  invited to the White House for “Chefs Move to Schools”, part of the “LetsMove“. This program is First Lady Michelle Obama’s initiative to help combat childhood obesity within a generation. (In my opinion, no matter your politics, first ladies do good work: teaching people how… Read more »

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