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Recipes: Fish and Shellfish

Faith and Uncertainty in Cookbook Publishing

While walking the trade floor of the Paris Cookbook Festival I caught a glimpse of the quote above by super chef Paul Bocuse, “Without books there are no recipes, without skills there can be no fine cooking.” It made me stop and read it again. It’s even more sexy and profound, of course, in French…. Read more »

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Chef’s Collaborative: Good Eats in The Big Easy

After a visit to Austin, Texas for the Texas Book Festival, I had the pleasure of visiting New Orleans for the Chefs Collaborative National Summit. Lordy mercy, NOLA is a continual bacchanal. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to everyone in whole neighborhoods walking around with cocktails.┬áParty as they may, they are mighty… Read more »

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Green Means Go: Easy Summer Salmon & Seafood Watch

Isn’t that photo mesmerizing? Ethereal. Beautiful. No, don’t worry. I’m not about to tell you how to cook jellyfish — although they are caught off the coast of Georgia and sent to Asia, where they are preserved and served in all manner of ways. There’s nothing as primal and pulling as water, especially the ocean…. Read more »

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