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Fireplace Cooking: Baking Bread

Baking the Fireplace: Olive Bread on www.

Fireplace Cooking With record-breaking cold spells of late we’ve had a fire every night. I love how cozy and homey a roaring fire makes the dark winter evening. Each January, I experiment with fireplace cooking. Being a recovering history major I am very interested in historic foodways. This past New Year’s Eve we cooked a leg… Read more »

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North and South: Massachusetts Maple Syrup and Georgia Cornmeal Pancakes

pancakes and maple syrup on

Maple Syrup Take a look at that glorious view up in the hilltowns of Western Massachusetts. Spring seems nearly finished in Atlanta, but it’s still winter in much of the country. New England has had a long, powerful winter. This past week I paid a quick visit up North and was able to experience something… Read more »

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How to Make Biscuits: Baking Secrets and Five Recipes

What’s The Secret to a Perfect Biscuit? I’ve been asked quite a bit about biscuits these past few months. Folks pull me aside at book-signings. As I am spending the summer in New England, random folks hear my accent and ask about Southern biscuits. People reach out on Twitter and Facebook. I also get at… Read more »

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